Tuition and Pricing

What is the cost for a family?

A Family Membership is $16/mo. Access to our self-paced/parent-led curriculum is only $4.60/mo per student. Access to the Music Dept. is an additional $1/mo per student.

Live class fees vary from free, up to $60/student every six week term (there are six terms per school year). We also offer live tutoring in 30 minute blocks (fees vary) for any specific assistance your student may require.

We offer an “A la carte” program that allows you to mix-and-match our curriculum with any others that you choose and still allows you track all of your student’s work product and grades in our system for easy Reporting and Transcript creation.

Assessment Testing

Do you Offer Grade Level Assessment Testing?

Yes.  We have access to free online testing for Math, Science and Reading.  We can then assist you in selecting the best place to start your student’s learning in our program.

Yeshiva Requirements

If our family's conversion to Judaism is not complete, can we still attend?


Judaism or Inter-faith

Is this an Interfaith School?

From an attendance standpoint, yes.  As long as our families and students adhere to our strict Terms of Service and Abuse Policy guidelines, we will allow for admittance.  MISSIONIZING AND COUNTER-MISSIONIZING ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

From a curriculum standpoint, it depends.  The Yeshiva is 100% Orthodox Jewish.  The History and Literature courses cover appropriate subject matter and may expose children to the beliefs of other religions, but Judaism is the primary focus.  Other extra-curricular courses may be offered from time to time that may include material from other religions.  THESE ARE NOT MANDATORY.

eCampus Structure

What is a "Hexamester"?

Allow us to first answer the question, “Why Hexamesters?”

As long-time homeschoolers, we wanted to create a consistent schedule that allowed us to easily observe the major Holy Days without concern for any school schedule interference.  Six-week blocks worked out perfectly.  To meet state requirements of 180 days of school, a total of six, 6-week terms are required.

If a school year is divided in half, you get two semesters.  Divided in thirds, yields three trimesters.  Divided into 6 equal segments… enter stage left, the “Hexamester”!  As a side-note, occasionally we still refer to semesters in our terminology; which, equal 3 hexamesters.